Salaš, was made back in 1950`s and it wasn’t in our possession. We bought it in 2004 guided by the wish to show to our self and the generations yet to come that the family is the main cell of a society, which gives us the strength, raises us when we fall down and which is, beside the health, the most important thing for every person. 

Unfortunately, the modern times we live in forces people to live fast and leaves them with much less spare time than before and the family as an “institution” loses in importance. That’s the reason we are trying to show that it is possible to preserve the piece of a tradition, family, old architecture, old crafts… without losing our selves. But, without the support of beloved ones, there couldn’t be any success in our attentions.

By working in hospitality industry, our primary goal is to make you feel like someone is giving you the wind in the back and helps you find the best way to seize the day, month… and to create your future, or at least the moment, in the best and spontaneous way.


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